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Our certified professional coders are up to date with the latest trends and ever changing policies of Medicare, Maine Care, and other third party insurers. Our office keeps you up to date with current compliance reform and is HIPAA compliant. Reimbursement specialists review procedures, evaluation and management services, laboratory services, pathology services, and operative reports to ensure the highest level of reimbursement and compliance in today's strict compliance reform. Denied claims are tracked and appealed as necessary. Our appeals department collection rate is 96.5%.   Our contracts are based upon a percentage of your monthly collections.

Through our Medical Billing service, you will no longer incur the costs associated with in-house billing.  Some of the cost savings benefits are:

  • Billing personnel salary, benefits and management

  • HCFA claim forms & postage

  • Clearing house charges

  • Patient statements,  mailing envelopes & postage

  • Long distance telephone calls to insurance companies & patients

  • Publications of CPT, ICD10 coding books and costly billing seminars/training

  • Billing software, hardware, & vendor support and licensing fees

  • Valuable time spent by billing personnel discussing insurance coverage issues, patient inquiries, & other billing issues that could be better streamlined to clinical care

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