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What We Do

About Us

Physicians Billing and Consulting, Inc has extensive experience in the primary care practice as well as multiple surgical specialties. We currently provide services for approximately 20 clients--consisting of practices and universities. We follow strict state and federal guidelines regarding HIPAA compliance. We continue to educate our staff and clients as healthcare and its regulations evolve. We have a 24 hour turnaround time on claims submission. All claims are sent via electronic data interchange following federal guidelines.


Our office has professional IT staff internally, which assures safeguard of our server and valuable client information. Automated backups and verification are performed daily. We have a disaster recovery plan in place as part of our commitment to assuring the security of data to our clients.


We offer a customizable suite of services with proven results to positively impact the financial health of your practice!

Areas of Experience
  • Primary Care

  • College/University Billing

  • ENT

  • Audiology

  • Behavioral Health

  • ​Massage Therapy/Chiropractic

  • Surgical Specialty

  • Hospital-based

  • Private Practice

  • Workers Comp/MVA

  • ICD10/ICD9

  • Medicare/CMS

  • Medical Billing and Coding (AAPC Certified Coders)
  • Electronic Claims
  • Paper Claims
  • Reimbursement Experts
    • Maximum Reimbursement Through...
      • Proper Coding
      • Corrected Claims
      • Appeals
      • Referrals/other documentation
      • Monitoring contract issues with payors
      • Follow up with payors (insurance and patients)
  • Collections
  • Internal Audits and Reporting
    • Periodic AND Ad-Hoc
  • Consulting
  • Education/Training
  • Fees/Encounter Forms/Process Improvement (re: to Operations)
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